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PLEASE NOTE: Listed below are base package rates! All packages can be customized upon request.
for out of city/state requests, travel expenses and extra amenities will be an additional fee

 Wanna share your love of coffee with

 friends and hang all in the comfort of your own home?

Dope. I'll be right there! 

Let me teach you and your friends  (small parties of 6 or less with a 2 hour minimum)   how to make 3 espresso drinks off my coffee menu.

Enjoy tastings and become coffee experts in no time! 


- 1:1 consultation with demo

- 8 oz. Bag of Coffee 

- 3 take- home recipes 


The 'catch me at home how 'bout dat'

$350 / hr

The ' I just wanna party '

$ 600 / HR


Let me bring the caffeine to your event!

Everyone loves an extra kick! 

With our mobile coffee cart we can cater yours! 

Name it, and we're there! 

Events under 50 pp*  

Every 10 people  


- Coffee Cart set- up and tear down 

- Customized Menu with 4 espresso beverages

and one specialty beverage catered to you!


$40 / 45min

Classes offered:

- Aeropress

- V60


This  package is a virtual course! Covid, amiright? It will cover the fundamental basics of alternate brewing, coffee to water ratios, grind settings, water temperatures, pouring techniques and agitation! 

Learn to brew your coffee the right way, at home or on the go!


The 'I'm just trynna grow'


Wanna become a class act barista?

Let me show the ropes!

I'll teach you the Barista Life LA method and let you  practice at our training facility in Los Angeles. This is perfect for the beginner  barista or slightly advanced. 

NOTE: this is a 4 hr. course

-1:1 barista training and demonstration where you'll be working on an espresso machine, learning the daily routine for a barista behind the bar

- 8 oz. Bag of Coffee

- Learn the beginning steps latte art, how to pull espresso shots, steam milk, and all the basic steps in making espresso based drinks

The 'big dog'


Do you already own and/or run a coffee house?  Does your staff need speciality training?

Gucci! I got you on that! 


-1:1 hour consultation with store owner or manager  

- 8 oz. bag of coffee for entire staff

-A scheduled visit to meet your staff, and dish my speciality Barista Life Methods

-Give FUL barista training to entire barista staff 

- Curate a speciality menu for your shop 

-Give a distribution list of companies who will supply all your shop's needs

-Promote you on my social media outlets 

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