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The Correct Grind

Updated: May 3, 2020

 Coffee can’t be brewed as a whole bean. One of the key factors in making the perfect cup of coffee is to make sure you are grinding your coffee correctly to fit your method of brewing. From espresso all the way to making cold brew you need to know who fine or course your beans need to be grounded. The finer you grind the more bean surface is exposed, which allows the flavor of the coffee to be extracted faster. When grinding finer the brewing time is decreased vs. grinding coarse brewing time increases. A courser grind means the water flows quickly through the bed of the coffee as well as having a slower rate of extraction. When making coffee at home the best advice I give you is, weigh out your beans, have good water temperature, And grind your bend fresh. When brewing your coffee let weighing and grinding your beans be one of the first steps in your process. Having the right balance means turning the grinder to reach a desirable contact period between water and coffee, and the right grind size that pairs to the contact period.

Grind Chart 


The finest coffee your grinder can produce without clogging up

-Fine  espresso

A very fine grind, probably with some clumping 


A fine grind, with some clumping

-Fine filter

Somewhere between a filter grind and espresso


Coffee grounds have a sugar texture, rather then finer powder of espresso 

-Coarse filter

Similar to the fineness of granulated sugar


Large as sea salt flakes

-Very Coarse 

Rock salt size (used for cold brew/ longer immersion brews)


Large pieces of coffee shrapnel. Too big for normal brewing

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