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Alternate Brewing Methods

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Most people don’t know the importance of knowing about alternate brewing methods. Being able to extract coffee in different ways will yield different flavors. Most popular ones are:

Espresso (manual)

Pour Over (v60,Kalita,clever,Melitta,etc.) paper, metal-cone,cloth-filter brewing

Chemex (pour over)

Aeropress (classic/inverted)

French press

Stove Top

Mika Pot


Each method requires a different grind setting different amount of water, in other words different recipes. There are both pros and cons for these types of brewing methods. One of the pros is that you create a cup of coffee that its your liking, a cup you want to drink. Whether the type that likes the bold flavor, high acidity or the type that enjoys clean crisp taste,there is a brewing method for you.The most common complete that I get from coffee consumers is they don’t have the time. Brewing a cup of coffee for yourself can be time consuming but it is well worth the perfect cup of coffee.

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