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Alternate Ice Brews

Iced AeroPress Materials:

  1. AeroPress

  2. 25g=fresh coffee beans

  3. 100g=ice

  4. Grinder

  5. Spoon

  6. Scale

  7. Water

  1. Kettle

  2. Filter

  3. Decanter 

  4. Cup of ice


  1. Weigh out 25g of coffee/ and grind on fine-medium 

  2. Get water boiling (200 F degrees) 

  3. Put filter in AeroPress chamber/ rinse off filter

  4. Place 100g of ice in bottom of decanter 

  5. Place Aeropress on top of decanter on the scale

  1. Tare scale to zero.

  2. Add coffee grounds(25g)

  3. Pour 75g of water (bloom 30 sec)/ stir

  4. At 30 sec, add 275g of water/or to the #4

  5. Stir 10x

  6. Take the scale away and set Aeropress plunger in place 

  7. At the 1:10 sec slowly press down and wait to you hear the hissing noise

  8. Swirl 5x pour into cup of ice

  1. Enjoy!!

French Press Cold Brew Materials:                                                                                             (Ratio) 16:1

  1. Water (800ml/filtered water)

  1. 50g (fresh whole bean)

  2. Scale

  3. Timer

  4. Straner 

  5. French Press (8cup)

  6. Spoon

  7. Grinder


  1. Rinse out French Press

  2. Weigh out 50g of coffee/ grind for coarse

  3. Add the 50g of coffee

  1. Then add the 800ml of filtered water 

  2. Stir to incorporate the dry clumps

  3. Place French press plunger and press down and ¼ inch below water surface

  4. Put up for the next 12-24hr out of direct sunlight/ or you can place in refrigerator

  5. Set timer,after 12-24hr press done on plunger

  6. Enjoy!!

Flash Brew/ Japanese Style cold brew Materials:

  1. Water =160ml

  2. 20g= fresh coffee beans 

  3. Scale 

  4. Kettle

  5. Pour-over (v60)

  6. Kettle

  7. Decanter

  8. 110g=ice 

  9. Time

  10. Grinder


  1. Weigh out and grind 20g of coffee on medium-fine

  2. Heat kettle to 205F

  3. Get v60 filter and fold down side and place inside the v60

  4. Rinse of filter and decanter/pour out water

  5. Place 110g of ice in decanter 

  6. Place on scale

  7. Add 20g of coffee and trae scale to zero

  8. Add 60g of water( slowly pour from center to outside) 30 sec Bloom

  9. After 30 sec add another 50g 

  10. At the 1:15 add another 50g

  11. Add the las 60g by 2 min

  12. Let draw down for about 25 sec

  13. Remove v60 and swirl decanter 

  14. Pour into cup of ice 

  15. Enjoy!!

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