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thank you ! 

I wanna say a big thank you!


Yeah, YOU - the coffee connoisseur behind the screen!

Thank YOU for taking the time to check out  Barista Life LA!

I couldn't do any of this without my coffee  community and I'm so thankful you have interest in being apart of it! 

Like I said, the mission and purpose here is to create a safe space for ALL.


No discrimination no matter the color,


or background.


'Struggle'  could've been the final say for my story but I really believe the coffee community changed that narrative for the better! And just like me, I know coffee will continue to enlighten the path way for many of us who just wanna find a place to grow, and land.


I hope you've been inspired to  learn, educate  those  around you, or even just pour a cup right now! Coffee is really that good! 24-7!  

It's a joy to share in my love for coffee and community, how it's encouraged me, changed my life, and created a path for me to express myself in more than just a sip! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments down below or  on all social media platforms listed! 

Can't wait to sip  with you soon! 

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle". 

Don't forget!
 tap in to Stay in the know!

LaNisa Williams

Owner/ Barista Life La

instagram: @baristalifela

Facebook: Barista Life LA

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